Custom Painting

• Custom Paint refinishing
• Chip Repair (Ricks, Hail Damage, Storms)
• Wet Sanding and Buffering
• Expert auto polishing and buffering
• Wheel Painting/Repair


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    © 2023 PMC. All rights reserved. Glossybox has been around for some time and it is still one of the best names in the subscription game. You can rely on them to have the best brands and come up with great collectors’ boxes. Make sure you get products you’ll truly love by creating your beauty profile from which your pink box will be tailored. And make it a couple thing by hooking up your guy with The Man Box. Lengbox is the Korean beauty subscription box that was featured in Glamour, UK magazine as ‘skincare lover’s dream.’ It is voted UK’s Best Korean Beauty Box. You can discover some of the best Korean skincare, beauty, and cosmetics brands with a cult following. Your first box is charged at sign-up and future boxes are charged on the 1st of the month.

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